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Whether it’s raising money for assisting the homeless, improving education or funding research to cure disease, it’s paramount to ensure your non-profit raises awareness through its fundraising.

A well-run auction at your benefit gala can be a key ingredient in your fundraising process.

Offering travel experiences at your auction not only helps attract the right type of high net worth donor, but also affords you the benefit of tapping into their existing annual travel budget.

That's when LuxGive comes in.

We empower non-profits to change the world,


No risk high-end luxury villa experiences
No upfront or hidden costs

Select Your Experiences

Get in touch with one of our fundraising specialists to help you reserve the perfect villa experience for your audience.

Choose from over 50 unique Experiences and select packages you think would have the most appeal to your donor base. Our team of fundraising specialists is happy to assist you in the package selection process.

Offer them at your event

Each package has a set non-profit cost and you keep every dollar raised above it. You will only pay for a package that's sold. After the event, a member of our concierge team will reach out to your donor to begin planning their once-in-a-lifetime villa experience.

As you only purchase the experiences that sell at your event, you can sell each package as many times as you want. Every dollar you raise above the non-profit cost goes directly to your bottom line. Our packages frequently sell for more than 3X the non-profit price.

Tell us what sold

After your event, let us know how many times you sold each package and provide us the contact information of the winning bidders. Once payment for the experience is received, our concierge team will reach out to the winners and begin planning their experience.

Winners redeem the experience

Our personalized concierge handles all details regarding your donor’s stay at our luxury villas experiences. Not only will our concierge team handle all booking details but they remain available to provide full concierge service. Whether we secure a chef service so that your donor can dine poolside by their villa, or bring a mobile spa to the property, our team is happy to arrange all of the items that transform their stay into a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their friends and family.

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With no sign-up fees or usage fees, LuxGive doesn't cost you a cent if it doesn't sell.

You keep 100% of the profits, guaranteed.

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